Our background
The law firm Advokatfirmaet Legal ANS represents a continuation of the legal practice established in 1963 by Olav T. Laake, when he was a Supreme Court lawyer.

In 1976, when Laake became a judge, Supreme Court lawyer Atle Helljesen, who had been employed with Laake since 1971 assumed leadership of the practice.

The office collectively acquired the name Legal in 1996.

On 1 January 2003, Advokatfirmaet Legal ANS became established in its present form. The company comprised Supreme Court lawyer Atle Helljesen, lawyers Frode Jæger Folkestad (H), Cecilie Engebretsen and Inger Marie Sunde (H). (H = also a Supreme Court lawyer).

On 1 January 2005 the firm was expanded with two new lawyers and one secretary: Lawyer Eirik Myhre was employed as “employed lawyer”, whereas lawyer (H) Arne Schanche-Olsen entered into companionship with the firm.

The office has distinguished itself with its expertise with Rogaland`s legal and judicial milieu for over forty years, and the firm has played an active role in many highly publicized court cases. The vast majority of its actions have traditionally involved cases of a procedural nature, or other forms of dispute management for privat clients. We also have expertise in attending to our client`s commercial interests.

Business concept: On your side and ever onward!

Advokatfirmaet Legal specializes in procedural law. This means that our main role is to assist those clients who are already involved in a legal dispute. We offer extensive experience, sensitivity and commitment in achieving constructive conflict resolution, both in civil and criminal cases.

All of our lawyers have extensive experience in procedural practice within the vast majority of legal fields. We have specialised in procedural matters specifically in order to offer you, and your company or organisation, the best counsel throughout the legal process and the best defence of your interests, if and when the matter comes to court.

Our aim is always to resolve disputes at the minimum possible level of conflict, without excessive fees, and by means of negotiation or arbitration using approved lawyer mediation, or mediation through the courts.